Our new ‘Values in Action’ series shines a light on how our Caulfield Grammar School employees live our School values. 

Jensen Hjorth, Head of Senior School at Wheelers Hill Campus, shares how he encourages the value of Embracing Diversity in the classroom.  

“There is great joy in seeing people learn and learning different perspectives. I consider myself privileged to be able to shape student values and beliefs. I try to give students a sense of a much wider world than they may have grown up in or are used to operating in. One of my responsibilities as a teacher is to widen student perspective and help them to develop empathy for other people, cultures and places. 

I have a desire to continue to learn about people, places and cultures. I think that develops a deep level of empathy and understanding – and I think my pursuit of that brings a greater level of empathy and understanding in what I do professionally and personally. It’s important to recognise that we are much more similar than we are different as human beings. 

I consider myself an advocate for those who don’t always have a voice. Whether it be a high-level meeting or a decision that needs to be made, I am always thinking about whom in our community doesn’t have a voice and how are we going to hear them. I think a strength of mine is being able to bring those different voices out. I have always had a strong desire to challenge norms and recognise and celebrate our diverse School community.” 

Caufield Grammar School is a values-led school. Our five School Values guide the way we work together and behave. Active interaction with these values supports our students and staff in having clarity and ownership about what it means to be a member of the Caulfield Grammar School community – how we treat each other, and what we expect from each other.