We pride ourselves on our broad and balanced co-curricular programs that inspire and engage all learners to find their pathway through exploring sport, the arts, cultural immersion and global learning experiences.

Academic excellence will always be important, and our outstanding results, year after year, are a testament to our teaching and learning philosophy. However, our focus is by no means limited to academic performance. 

Each campus offers students a broad choice of co-curricular activities beyond the classroom. 


Supporting healthy bodies for a healthy mind.

Being active is important for a well-balanced life, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Sport is a key element of the fabric of life at Caulfield Grammar School, and participation is compulsory for students from years 5 to 12.

Our aim is to ensure that our students enjoy and benefit from their sports experience while building their individual skills and capabilities in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The sporting program encourages children to maintain an active lifestyle throughout and beyond their schooling years.

The sport program presents students with options to be involved at both performance and participation levels. Caulfield Grammar School students compete in the prestigious Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS) and the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) competitions as well as a range of sport specific regional, state and national interschool competitions. There are also opportunities for students to participate in sports camps and tours within Australia and internationally.

We are committed to delivering a quality sports experience through the engagement of specialist coaches and a committed Sport Management Team.

The Arts

Offering vast opportunities for creative growth.

Whether it’s music, theatre, visual arts or dance, being involved in the arts provides learners with a safe and supportive place for self-expression, discovery, creative collaboration and reflective connection.

Drawing on a rich variety of talent and resources from each of our campuses, Caulfield Grammar School offers a broad and inclusive curriculum of creative arts subjects and productions.


All students who enrol in instrumental tuition at Caulfield Grammar School are expected to be a member of an ensemble.

Playing in an ensemble gives unique performance opportunities to young musicians and develops a range of skills only found in a large musical team.

The exceptions are students of Voice, Guitar and Piano where, by the nature of these instruments, ensemble membership is optional.

Ensembles (bands, choirs, orchestras and chamber groups) at Caulfield Grammar School are formed around student ability rather than age and encourages wonderful social interaction between students of all ages.

Private Music Tuition

Individual private instrumental, vocal and technical production tuition is offered at Caulfield Grammar School by specialist teaching staff. 

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Caulfield Grammar School provides many different opportunities for students to participate in all aspects of Theatre, such as:

  • Acting in a variety of productions (from Drama to Musical Theatre)
  • Involvement in backstage in the areas of set design, lighting, sound, make-up and prop-making
  • Involvement in directing of productions.

Theatre at Caulfield Grammar School encourages our students to see performance as a powerful vehicle for challenging and changing attitudes towards the world. It allows students to combine personal and social learning arising from the content with aesthetic understanding about the conventions of Theatre. Theatre also offers our students the opportunity to challenge and confront themselves by moving out of their comfort zone.

The Productions provide many different opportunities to students of all year levels in each of our campuses. such as:

  • Primary School Productions 
  • Middle School Productions
  • Senior School Productions 
  • VCE Theatre Studies Productions 
  • Touring Productions (Interstate and Overseas)
  • Productions of the graduate company “The Fairfax Players”

We have exceptional Creative and Performing Arts centres at Caulfield and Wheelers Hill with professional theatres and a number of dedicated music rehearsal spaces for our many orchestras, bands and choirs.

When it comes to musical productions and drama, there are as many opportunities to be involved backstage as there are on the stage itself. Our productions and ensembles are rigorous and focused, fun and inclusive. 

International Tours

Caulfield Grammar School provides many opportunities for students to travel interstate and internationally to perform, compete, and engage in learning activities. The school views these opportunities as a way for students to further develop and enhance their skills in a range of co-curricular experiences. Our tours build on the strong programs already operating within the school and provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in diverse environments and cultures.

Each year students have the opportunity to experience a range of international tours including music, theatre, language immersion, career opportunities, STEM and a range of sports.

Developing Leadership

In the Early Learning years, students begin to develop competencies in teamwork, expressing ideas and basic problem-solving through play– all aimed at enhancing confidence and self-esteem. 

The Junior and Middle Years provide more formal training and participation in leadership roles such as school and house captaincies, class monitors, cross-age tutors and buddy programs with younger students. Students can also extend their leadership skills through Experiential Learning Programs including Education Outdoors at the Yarra Junction Campus and Internationalism Program based at our campus and in Nanjing, China.

The Senior Years offer new levels of leadership with students taking key responsibilities within the school. For example, student members of the School Committee are given increased responsibility for issues affecting school life and further opportunities exist as Captains and Vice-Captains within the House system. Other leadership roles in the senior years are also provided in co-curricular activities and community-based programs.