Yarra Junction | Caulfield Grammar School

Yarra Junction – Earth Studies, Education Outdoors Program

Yarra Junction
Victoria, Australia

Yarra Junction Campus holds a special place in the hearts of many Caulfield students.

When it opened in 1947 this rural campus was the first of its kind for any school in Australia and now again it sets new trends for the teaching and learning of Earth Studies.

With the Australian bush as a stunning backdrop, the Yarra Junction Campus is a very special place that makes full use of its natural setting and extensive outdoor facilities. It is a place where students can explore their natural environment and are challenged to consider the effect of the actions and lifestyle upon it.

Experiential learning at Yarra Junction Campus encourages real-life decision-making – helping students to clarify their values, promoting personal growth, enhancing community awareness and encouraging them to work toward a sustainable future.

The students’ accommodation, in eco-cabins and the Earth Studies Centre – ‘Wadambawilam’ (the Aboriginal term for learning place) are practical examples of building design and technology which minimise our impact on the environment. Both use solar and wind power to meet their electricity and hot water needs.

Students’ involvement in the commercial dairy farm at Yarra Junction engages them in understanding how milk is produced and pasteurised and how this activity impacts on the environment.

Students are challenged to grapple with real life environmental dilemmas, with sections of the property now being revegetated as a student project.

At the Yarra Junction Campus students are offered the ideal mixture of ‘in-the-field’ learning and cutting edge classroom technology for all sample testing and research. The programs on offer at Yarra Junction Campus are likely to leave a lasting impression on each student that visits.