The Caulfield Grammar School Council has approved the following Fees for Overseas Students for 2020.

This Business Notice sets out the terms and conditions under which overseas students are enrolled at Caulfield Grammar School. The Business Notice is current as at 3 December 2019, but the School retains the right to alter the notice from time to time to meet changing conditions. The Chief Financial Officer will be pleased to discuss any queries with parents or guardians.

1. Enrolment

1.1  Parents/guardians are subject to the terms and conditions of this Business Notice in good faith. Parents/guardians must, at the time of being invited to attend an interview, advise the School of any matters that pertain to the educational, physical or psychological development of their child, as this information is of significant importance in permitting the School to assess the child’s needs.

1.2  When an Application for Enrolment form is lodged, a non- refundable Application Fee of $100 is payable to the School. The School will acknowledge receipt of the application in writing.

1.3  Prior to the entry, waitlists are activated and information including school reports are requested. An interview with a senior member of staff is arranged at which the parents/guardians and prospective student attend. A formal offer of a place in the School may then be made, and a one-off non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $1,000 per student together with 50% of the Annual Total Fee is immediately payable to accept a place. Upon receipt of such monies, return of a Confirmation of Enrolment Form signed by each parent or guardian, and completion of other enrolment procedures, the School provides formal confirmation of a place. In the event that an enrolment is withdrawn prior to commencing, the $1,000 Enrolment Fee is non refundable. A 10% reduction of the $1,000 non-refundable Enrolment Fee applies for second and younger siblings enrolled.

1.4  Enrolment is at the discretion of the Principal, as is the level of entry to the School. The School does not provide reasons when declining an enrolment application.

2. Tuition, Other Fees and Charges

2.1  Fee setting – The School Council may vary tuition fees and other fees and charges from time to time at its sole discretion. Parents/guardians will be notified in advance, either electronically or in writing, of any such variation.

2.2  Payment terms – All fees and charges (including tuition fees, and other additional fees and charges incurred) are payable within 14 days of an account being rendered. Payments will be offset against the oldest balance first and then applied in order starting with the student enrolled in the highest year level. Accounts for any additional fees may be rendered from time to time during the course of the year. These additional fees will also be payable within 14 days of an account being rendered.

2.3  Payment methods – Fee payments can be made online at (Visa and MasterCard only), by phone (Visa and MasterCard only), via BPAY (Visa, MasterCard, bank, credit union or building society cheque and savings accounts) or a bank cheque in Australian Dollars made payable to Caulfield Grammar School. BPAY is the School’s preferred method of payment. The School does not accept cash payments. All credit card transactions other than those made via BPAY, will incur a 1.1% credit card surcharge (may vary subject to any changes in relevant law or credit card provider fees and charges). Any debit card or credit card payment which is declined by the bank for any reason, may incur an administration fee of $50.

2.4 Concessions and discounts – Except in the case of the 1.75% discount for the lump sum payment of full year’s fees outlined in 2.7 below, only one concession or discount is applicable to any individual student and in that event only the greater concession or discount will apply.

2.5 Sibling discounts – Discounts of 10% of the Annual Total Fee apply on accounts for the second and younger siblings attending the School at the same time.

2.6 Long term attendance concession – All students who have completed six or more years of education at Caulfield Grammar School at the time of entry into either Year 11 or 12 receive a 5% concession of the Annual Total Fee in these year levels. This concession recognises the long term commitment of parents/ guardians whose children have been educated at both primary and secondary levels at the School. All boarding students who have completed three or more years’ education at Caulfield Grammar School at the time of entry into either Year 11 or 12 receive a 5% concession of the fees in these year levels.

2.7 Lump sum payment of fees and charges – If the family elects to pay the current year’s Gross Tuition Fee and Additional Fee in full by 18 December, 2019 then a 1.75% discount applies on these fee amounts for 2020. The School may also consider applications for additional prepayment of fees. For further information contact the Chief Financial Officer on 03 9524 6300.

2.8 New students – For new students entering the School for the first time, but after a term has commenced, a pro-rata charge of the Annual Total Fee is made.

2.9 Overdue accounts – The School reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate applicable under the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983. The School is not responsible for any delays in receiving your payment (including banking delays, postal delays or lost mail). The School further reserves the right to on-charge enforcement expenses incurred by the School in the collection process for outstanding accounts, including without limitation any legal costs on an indemnity basis incurred as a result of engaging an external debt collection agency or law firm.

If payments cannot be adhered to because of personal or financial difficulties, an application for variation must be made in writing to the Chief Financial Officer. The School reserves the right, which may be exercised at any time, to refuse to allow a pupil to continue his/her education at the School, while any fees remain unpaid for that student.

The School reserves the right to refuse a student permission to register and/or participate in any School events or activities that require additional payments to the School or a third party, while any amount remains outstanding or unpaid to the School in respect of that student or any of his/her siblings.

The School reserves the right to withdraw any scholarships or concessions while any amount remains outstanding or unpaid to the School in respect of that student or any of his/her siblings.

Any agreement or failure by the School not to strictly enforce any of its terms of payment in relation to amounts owing to the School, or any agreement to defer payment of an unpaid amount to the School, will not operate as a waiver of the School’s rights in relation to such amount.

2.10 GST – Currently school fees are GST free. Boarding fees and consolidated charge fees include a GST component on food provided.

2.11 Building fund – The School maintains an active building program at each campus, and to enable parents/guardians to contribute to this program there is an opportunity for a voluntary contribution to be made on each instalment’s fee billing statement. Donations to the School’s Building Fund are tax deductible and a receipt will be forwarded in July each year.

2.12 Optional programs and services – For an additional fee, optional programs and services which are not included in the curriculum may be taken, e.g. private music instrument tuition, transport for getting to and from School. Details are available from the Heads of Campus. The accounts for these optional programs and services are generally rendered in May, August and October.

2.13 Boarders’ expense accounts – Parents/guardians of boarders must lodge a deposit with the School, against cash to be paid by the School to or on behalf of boarders during a term for any personal out of pocket expenses. (The amount is currently $1,000 for each student and is increased where the per term expenditure of a boarder exceeds this amount.)

3. Absences and Withdrawals

3.1  Extended absence for illness or injury – The School will provide a pro-rata rebate of the Annual Total Fee, with a maximum rebate of one term’s fees, if a student is absent through illness or accident for 15 or more consecutive school days, subject to the provision of appropriate medical certificates.

3.2  Planned absences – No discounts or concessions will be granted for any intentional or planned absences during the year. This includes, but is not limited to, holidays that extend beyond the gazetted Victorian school and public holidays, external activities that result in extended absences from the School and student exchange programs. Where the student will be absent for a year or a substantial period of time, such as due to family relocation, the parents/guardians may make an application to the Principal for a 25% holding fee to be charged in lieu of the Total Fee for the period of absence. Such application should be made by providing one term’s notice in writing and may only be granted at the sole discretion of the Principal. Any holding fee is calculated based on the length of the absence and is non- refundable and not available for offset against any future fees or charges.

3.3  Student withdrawals – One full term’s notice in writing of the intention to withdraw a student from the School is required, otherwise an amount equal to 15% of the Annual Total Fee including boarding fee, if applicable, is payable in lieu thereof.

A term’s notice in writing, or an amount equal to 15% of the annual fee, is also required before any additional activity, special subject or program is discontinued.

3.4 Removal of a student – The Principal is authorised at any time to refuse to permit a student to continue as a pupil at the School. If, at the discretion of the Principal, it is desirable and in the interest of the School that a student should be removed from the School, the Principal may notify the parents/guardians to that effect, remove the student’s name from the School roll and exclude them from further attendance at the School. The parents/guardians will be liable for all tuition fees and other additional fees and charges up to the day before the student’s removal from the School.

4. Before and After School Care

4.1 A before and after school care program is provided by a third party provider at each of the junior school campuses. Fees for this service are billed directly by the provider. Further details are available from the Heads of Campus.

5. Caulfield Grammarians’ Association

5.1 All students attending Caulfield Grammar School receive life membership of the Caulfield Grammarians’ Association when they leave the School, unless the parents/guardians of the student, or the student, notify the School in writing, prior to the student leaving the School that the student elects to decline life membership of the Association. Details of the Association’s activities are available from the School.

6. Authority, Liability and Indemnity

6.1 There are occasions during the course of a student’s enrolment at the School where travel to School activities will be arranged through contracted bus services, School vehicles and other modes of transport. A parent/guardian enrolling a child in the School must consent to such travel arrangements.

6.2 Parents/guardians agree that, to the full extent permitted at law, the School will not be liable for any injury, sickness or accident that may occur while a student is either attending the School or taking part in a School activity and the parent/guardians will indemnify the School against all costs, claims, actions, and demands made against the School, its employees, contractors, servants and agents to the extent that such injury, sickness or accident occurs while his/her child is either attending the School or taking part in a School activity.

6.3 In the event of a student suffering any injury or sickness, the School is authorised to take such action as it deems fit to obtain medical and/or hospital care and attention, and the parent/ guardian will indemnify the School against all costs, claims, actions, and demands made against the School, its employees, contractors, servants and agents incidental to that care and attention.

6.4 The School, and its employees, agents or representatives, will not be liable for any loss or damage to, or theft of any property or personal effects of a student, or of which a student has in its possession, while attending the School or any School event or activity and the parent/guardians will indemnify the School against all costs, claims, actions, and demands made against the School, its employees, contractors, servants and agents to the extent that any loss, damage, theft of any property or personal effects occurs while his/her child is attending the School or taking part in a School activity.

7. Insurance

7.1  Parents/guardians are strongly recommended to maintain their own insurance policies for students which provide cover for medical, dental and other costs arising from an accident to a student. The School maintains limited insurance.

7.2  The School maintains limited insurance cover for the loss of personal belongings of a student, or payment of fees in the event of the death of a parent or guardian. It is strongly recommended that parents/guardians consider obtaining an endorsement to their home and contents insurance policy to provide an all risk cover on designated items of a student’s property for loss or damage at any location. Most life assurance companies are able to structure policies which, on the death or disability of a parent or guardian, provide a capital sum which can be applied to meet future school fees.

8. Privacy

8.1 Please refer to the Privacy Policy on the School website:

9. Other

9.1  Medical – The School must be kept up-to-date and informed of a student’s medical needs, including any significant illness or disability suffered or developed by the student during his/ her enrolment. The School must be immediately notified of any infectious or contagious illnesses or diseases which are contracted by a student and that student will not be permitted to attend the School, or any School activity, until a medical clearance has been obtained in writing.

9.2  Compliance – The parents/guardians of each student may be provided with or given access to electronic school record books, handbooks or other documents containing the School’s rules, regulations and policies. The student’s continued attendance at the School is contingent upon observance and compliance by both the student and his/her parents/guardians with such rules, regulations and policies, which may be varied from time to time as required. The terms of any rules, regulations and policies adopted by the School are incorporated into this Business Notice.

9.3  Joint and several – Each signatory to the Confirmation of Enrolment Form agree that they are jointly and severally bound by the terms and conditions of this Business Notice, including but not limited to payment of fees and charges and compliance with School rules, regulations and policies that may be in force at the School from time to time, and that they will continue to be jointly and severally bound notwithstanding any changes to the relationship between them. No account or billing will be split on a several basis.

9.4 Compliant course – If the School is not able to provide delivery of the course as required by the Education Service for Overseas Students Act (2000) Sec 46A (1), then a refund will be provided by the School or alternatively enrol the student with another Provider, at no cost to the Parent/ Guardian or Student.