The Caulfield Grammar School Council has approved the following Fees for Overseas Students for 2020.

Year LevelGross Tuition Fee ($)Additional Fee ($)Annual Total Fees ($)Fees Per Instalment ($)
Year 129,0954,93934,03417,017
Year 229,0954,93934,03417,017
Year 330,0795,60135,68017,840
Year 430,0795,60135,68017,840
Year 532,7675,91538,68219,341
Year 632,7686,84839,61619,808
Year 735,9656,95542,92021,460
Year 835,9656,95542,92021,460
Year 938,5627,30445,86622,933
Year 1038,5618,00146,56223,281
Year 1139,1707,30446,47423,237
Year 1239,1718,00147,17223,586

Caulfield Grammar School’s Annual Total Fee for students from overseas include the following:

  • A Gross Tuition Fee;
  • An Additional Fee covering: the compulsory Government Medical Insurance fee of $551; and the Year Level Consolidated Charge which covers the cost of compulsory extras applicable to each Year level including class-set books and materials, films, Year Level camps, prescribed excursions and incursions, provision of certain technology resources (excluding iPads, laptops or equivalent devices in years 7-12), access to services and a special activities program fee.

The following additional charges may apply:

  • Boarding fees, if applicable; and
  • At Year 9 an additional charge for International Programs is made for either the Melbourne based program ($885), or the Nanjing based program ($7,344).

Parents/guardians of boarders must lodge a deposit with the School, against cash to be paid by the School to boarders during a term for any personal out of pocket expenses. (The amount is currently $1,000 for each student and is increased where the per term expenditure of a boarder exceeds this amount.)

Caulfield Grammar School fees exclude costs for:

  • Uniforms;
  • Books and stationery included in the Year level booklists;
  • Individually prescribed iPads, laptops or equivalent devices from years 7 – 12;
  • Accommodation for day students;
  • Transport to and from the School; and
  • Any courses or optional programs taken outside the School.

Overseas students are not eligible for Commonwealth or State Grants.

Other information required to be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education and Training.

  • The School policy on refund of fees referred to in this notice does not reserve the right of the student to take further action under Australia’s Consumer Protection Laws.
  • The School’s grievance resolution processes do not circumscribe the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies.