Andrew Strooper

Vice Principal

It was while playing and coaching basketball as a teenager that Andrew understood the profound effect that significant figures can have on young people, their pathways, and their lives. This led him to pursue a career in education and provide the opportunity to be a significant figure in young people’s lives.

After holding the executive positions of Head of Junior School and Associate Principal at Kilvington Girls Grammar School, Andrew joined Caulfield Grammar School in 2000 as Head of Junior School at Wheelers Hill Campus. Following a tenure as Head of Malvern Campus, he was appointed to the role of Vice Principal in mid-2018. This demonstrated his commitment to ensuring processes and procedures are streamlined across the School so that energy and effort is focused on improving student outcomes.

Andrew believes that the most important things that happen in our School are the interactions that our community has with each other. The way we talk to each other, listen to each other, and the way we relate to each other are all critical to a safe, happy and thriving environment. Andrew considers that the behaviours exhibited in these everyday interactions shape and define our School culture, ultimately making it a place where students want to be. Andrew is passionate about fairness and equity, and works across the School to ensure students have access to similar opportunities.

The chance for students to be engaged in a broad range of learning experiences is important to Andrew, as they can provide students with a sense of belonging and the opportunity to shine and show their strengths. He is committed to meeting the needs of the ‘whole’ child as they navigate their journey through junior and secondary years. It’s his strong belief that this is fundamental in preparing young people for a life beyond formal schooling.

Andrew is passionate about the benefits that lifelong physical activity brings, with bike riding and early morning exercise being an important aspect of his daily routine.