VCE Class of 2017 | Caulfield Grammar School

The members of the Class of 2017 can be very proud of their VCE results and their outstanding contributions to the school. 

VCE Success

A total of 437 Caulfield Grammar School students graduated from the Victorian Certificate of Education in 2017. Based on the ATAR (the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank):

  • 5 per cent are in the top 1 per cent of the state’s graduates
  • 9 per cent are in the top 2 per cent
  • 22 per cent are in the top 5 per cent
  • 39 per cent are in the top 10 per cent
  • 78 per cent are in the top 30 per cent

Given that Caulfield Grammar is an open entry, coeducational school, our results provide many wonderful examples of students who have been nurtured and encouraged to exceed their previous personal best in academic achievement across the full range of ATAR scores.


Study Scores

Caulfield Grammar School students gained the maximum possible study scores (50) in a diverse range of subjects including:

Accounting, Business Management, Chinese Second Language, English, Further Mathematics, Health and Human Development, History Revolutions, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, and Studio Arts.

At Wheelers Hill Campus, 25.6% of students achieved study scores above 40, and at Caulfield Campus, 25.2%.

Median Study Score: The school’s median study score was 35. The median being the middle score when all scores are ranked from highest to lowest.


Our Duces

Two students received ATAR scores of 99.90.  The female and male students from Wheelers Hill Campus and Caulfield Campus, respectively, were both placed in the top 0.1% of graduates in Victoria.


Preparing our Students

The breadth of offering at Caulfield Grammar allows most students to follow their interests to the highest levels.  Specific programs are designed for our senior students to support their transition to tertiary study or the workforce.  VCE units are offered from Year 10 to introduce students to VCE courses and assessment so that they may then tailor a course of study to suit their interests, needs and preferred destinations.  Many students subsequently enrol in First Year University Programs and Vocational Education and Training programs offered in association with TAFE Institutes.

Caulfield’s comprehensive careers program provides students with exposure to a range of industries and tertiary institutions through, for example, work experience, careers breakfasts, and job interview and resume writing practice.  Ongoing careers assistance is available to graduating students.


Tertiary Studies

The majority of students who applied to study at a tertiary insitution gained a place in the First Round of tertiary offers. Areas of study include:


Students were offered places at many tertiary institutions including:



Congratulations to all Caulfield Grammar School graduates and we acknowledge the wonderful supportive partnerships between students, parents, outstanding specialist teachers and pastoral care staff.