We are our culture

We work to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent from the diversity the world offers – our ability to be competitive and to thrive depends on it. Building a diverse Caulfield Grammar School where every employee is valued is one of the ways we succeed together.’

– Jayne Hart Director People and Culture

We have a defined a visibly positive culture.

We have a defined and visibly positive culture.
Our culture is defined by our Values.
Our Values were established through inclusive engagement with all our employees.

Our Values are articulated and specify the behaviours associated with each value. This ensures our distinctive working environment is lived and felt every day by everyone enabling us to deliver our vision and embed our strategy.

Our Culture is positive and alive; demonstrated by what we expect of ourselves and each other every day. It creates trust, builds relationships and positive team dynamics.

We are a place to grow

“There is nothing more important to me than leading a school where everybody can genuinely find their own path, be themselves and thrive.”

– Principal Ashleigh Martin

We are a place of growth where we can be authentic, where everyone is valued, where the contributions of all are acknowledged and where our leaders inspire with their actions. Caulfield Grammar is unparalleled in the breadth of local and international professional experiences and diverse employment opportunities afforded to both educators and professionals across its five campuses.

We practice quality teaching and learning

A distinguishing feature of Caulfield Grammar’s approach to quality teaching is to provide weekly, strategic professional development for all teaching staff.

Why? Because research indicates that the biggest influence on your child’s learning outcomes is the quality of the teacher and their teaching practice.

Caulfield does not stop at providing innovative learning programs for its learners; it also provides them for its educators, to complement and enhance the learner learning program.

We recognise that the greatest impact it can make is through the provision of quality teachers. Therefore, with a focus on evidence-based quality teaching experiences, all teachers are engaged in a comprehensive professional development program which incorporates weekly professional learning sessions for all teachers. Teachers work with their respective Head of Teaching and Learning to develop an annual personal and professional and personal development plan, and are regularly appraised by their colleagues, learners and themselves.

Our professional development is shaped by our long-standing formative practice foundation, and the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Standards.

Formative practice refers to the process of creating effective teaching and learning. Our model of formative practice sees teachers and learners actively engaged in the construction of their learning, with a focus on deep thinking and improvement. Teachers draw on a body of international education research about what constitutes the most effective teaching and learning with a focus on ‘How’ they teach and ‘What’ learners will learn.

Every member of our teaching staff is introduced to our FOCUSED (formative practice) model of learning, a practice that actively engages both staff and learners in their own learning. This foundation is arguably the most comprehensive undertaking of any school in Australia and is grounded in current educational research that has identified the most effective teaching and learning strategies.

Maintaining our commitment to foundation work on formative practice, our FOCUSED model provides the lens through which we have been designing all our curriculum and assessment practices.

This model is designed to develop teacher agility and student agency by continuously improving feedback, ownership, collaboration, understanding students, ubiquitous use of technology, specific learning intentions, experiential learning opportunities and data-informed success criteria.

Teachers are encouraged to regularly observe one another’s classroom practice across learning areas and share their strategies to design effective learning environments that maximise learning. Ultimately formative practice empowers learners to understand their own learning, to be active participants in their learning – able to express their thinking openly, share and critique one another’s understandings, fostering responsible, active learners.

We welcome you to explore career opportunities with us

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Thank you for taking the time to find out what inspires our educators and professionals to see if we are the place for you to grow and contribute.

If you have a passion in and for life, are an exceptional educator and professional who thrives in a collaborative, creative culture then we would be delighted to hear from you.


All applicants must be eligible to work in Australia.

Caulfield Grammar School is a Child Safe organisation. Our recruitment and selection process will involve a rigorous background check. All teaching staff must hold current registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). Professional and support staff must maintain a current Employment Working with Children Check.

Caulfield Grammar School Child Safety Policy.

Caulfield Grammar School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.