Parents | Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield recognises the value of a strong partnership with parents and the role this has in the learning undertaken by each student. Regular feedback and avenues for communication are provided including parent/teacher interviews, forums and meetings, reports and daily use of the school diary. The school also provides parents and guardians with seminars dealing with current issues of parenting and learning, so they too may further contribute to their child’s development.

Parent Support Groups

Caulfield Grammar School is fortunate to have such a large and diverse range of dedicated parent support groups mirroring the diversity of opportunities available to students. As a community, the school is grateful for their support, time and effort, which is enthusiastically given to the school’s learning programs and the staff that run them.

Here we acknowledge some of the parent support groups that are instrumental players in our learning community. (School families should visit the school’s intranet – Caulfield Online, to find out more about each group – news, events and how to join).

  • Aquatics@CGS
  • Friends of Athletics
  • Friends of Hockey
  • Friends of Netball
  • Friends of Music
  • Friends of Theatre
  • Friends of Snow Sports
  • Hans Ebeling Club
  • Kellaway Club
  • Caulfield Campus Auxiliary
  • Wheelers Hill Campus Ladies Auxiliary
  • Malvern Parents Auxiliary
  • Pennefather Club
  • Parents’ and Friends’ – CC
  • Parents’ and Friends’ – MC
  • Parents’ and Friends’ – WH
  • Society for Asian Languages and Arts
  • Society for the Arts
  • Tennis at Caulfield
  • The World Game@CGS
  • Wine Society – Conviviality
  • Past  Parents’ Association