Staff | Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield doesn’t stop at providing innovative learning programs for its students; it also provides them for its staff, to complement and enhance the student learning program. 

Caulfield Grammar School is one of the leaders in the provision of personal and professional development programs for teachers through its successful EdPd seminars, open to all teaching professionals. 

Caulfield Grammar recognises that the greatest impact it can make is through the provision of quality teachers. Therefore, with a focus on evidence-based quality teaching, all teachers are engaged in a comprehensive professional development program which incorporates weekly sessions for all teachers. Each teacher works with their Head of Teaching and Learning to develop an annual individual professional and personal development plan, monitored via a credit points system. Teachers are regularly appraised by their colleagues, students and themselves.

Every member of our teaching staff (as well as our students) is also involved in a new model of learning termed Formative Practice, a practice that actively engages both staff and students in their own learning.  This is arguably the largest undertaking of any school in Australia and is grounded in the latest educational research that has identified the most effective teaching and learning strategies.

Caulfield also looks beyond Australia to similar schools around the world, actively seeking out examples of best-practice and innovation in education from which the school can learn.