Learning Mentors | Caulfield Grammar School

In an initiative designed to improve our ability to impact on the learning of every individual student, each Year 7 and Year 8 class has a dedicated Learning Mentor (in addition to the subject specialist teacher), who monitors the academic and pastoral progress of each child in their allocated class group. This is a further way of achieving our focus on both knowing the learning style of each child and on ensuring each child’s experience is the best it can be. Caulfield Grammar School is the first school to introduce this innovative practice at secondary level.

The Learning Mentor is a qualified teacher who attends each core subject class every day, with the same students. English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, German, SOSE/Humanities, Information Technology, Personal Development and Art. The Mentor monitors learning environments, observes and assesses the learning preferences of each child, and the academic and social development of each child while supporting the specialist teachers who facilitate the formal learning activities. There are, therefore, two teachers with each Year 7 and Year 8 class in all core subjects enabling better teaching and learning to take place.

Through a structured program, the Learning Mentors provide valuable information about the progress of each individual student to the classroom teachers, pastoral care staff and through them, also to parents. The Mentors also work closely with the school’s Special Education specialists to ensure the learning needs of individual students are being met across learning areas.