Year 9 Learning Journeys | Caulfield Grammar School

With our collective knowledge of how students at Year 9 best learn, gained from research and the successful Internationalism Program offered at our Nanjing Campus, the concept of Learning Journeys has been introduced to Year 9.

Learning Journeys incorporate the key concepts, skills and knowledge from the traditional subjects of History, Geography, Personal Development and Religion and Society. It is allocated longer blocks of time to enable learning outside of the traditional classroom, therefore allowing greater engagement. Students are involved in an experiential and holistic learning model. It is hands-on, reflective and based on real-world problem solving – making it highly appropriate for students at this stage of their development.

A team of specialist teachers leads the Learning Journeys, and at a ratio of around 1 staff member to 16 students, the individual needs of students can be well catered for.