Caulfield Grammar School prepares open minds for open horizons

‘There is nothing more important to me than leading a school where everybody can genuinely find their own path, be themselves and thrive.’

Principal, Ashleigh Martin

We nurture our learners not just to become capable and highly skilled, but also emotionally aware.

In order for students to chart their own course in life, they must develop character, creativity, compassion and connection. These competencies are nurtured through a number of ways at Caulfield Grammar School – in the way we teach, the breadth of co-curricular offerings and our commitment to every learner’s wellbeing.

We believe in developing a mind for life, so that learners are equipped with the mental, emotional and academic capabilities they need to follow whatever path they choose.

Preparing our students for unwritten futures

We live in a rapidly-changing world and can’t predict what the future holds for our learners. To equip students for unwritten futures, we support them to develop the competencies, self-confidence, and resilience skills required to cope with and overcome life’s changes and obstacles. It’s what we like to call ‘a mind for life’. 

We are committed to helping our learners observe their individual mind and its ability beyond its mental state – reflecting on social, physical and humanitarian qualities.

We believe it is equally important to equip our learners with the emotional and cultural intelligence tools to build the life that’s right for them. We want our school to be the leader when it comes to mental health outcomes of young people.

In nurturing minds for life, we strive to ensure we can enrich the life of every individual in this community. In particular, for learners to:

  • Find meaningfulness through developmental reflection, exploration, deep learning and individual encouragement.
  • Develop mindsets that help them as learners define who they are.
  • Understand their place in the world.
  • Feel better equipped with self-confidence, resilience and self-belief.

Focus on the whole person

We want our school to be the leader when it comes to mental health outcomes of young people.

Academic excellence will always be important. We have a strong history of academic achievement and are committed to exceptional results for our students. However, we recognise that this is only part of a person’s learning journey. Caulfield Grammar School prides itself on focusing on the whole person. We provide broad and balanced programs that inspire all learners to find their pathway.

‘The myriad of opportunities afforded to me in my early years at Caulfield Grammar School is what cemented my love for the school. The exceptionally supportive environments and the platform given to me to help explore and develop my interests was irreplaceable.’

Tom (Class of 2015)

We are a connected community

Our holistic approach to growth and nurturing humility is invaluable in building self-worth. We are a place of growth where we can be authentic, where everyone is known and valued, where the contributions of all are acknowledged and where our leaders inspire with their actions.

We believe that everyone learns when they feel secure about themselves and know they are part of and engaged in their school community.

Thriving together is one of our core values. We believe in the value of a strong partnership with parents. The school provides parents, guardians and caregivers with seminars dealing with current issues of parenting and learning, so they may further contribute to their child’s development.

We maintain a commitment to collaborative partnerships and community contribution. Our learners are empowered to give valuable feedback on their learning, taking ownership of their education.

  • Learners can safely discover who they are, and who they can become.
  • Learners take risks, realise their potential and retain a sense of balance.
  • Co-education reflects an equitable life, regardless of gender.
  • Experiential learning challenges students to consider the effect of their actions and lifestyle on the world around them.
  • The community can examine, explore and feel empowered to set goals with optimism.
  • Learners can anticipate their future directions with confidence, courage and capability.
  • We think innovatively, ask questions and pursue passions.

Inspired by our Anglican Tradition

We are an Anglican school, and we welcome learners and their families from all faiths and beliefs. Caulfield Grammar School has been an Anglican school since it was founded in 1881.

Today, this tradition is observed through weekly chapel services and informs some of our faith studies program, which also integrates the study of other religions. We don’t expect that all students, families and staff share the Christian faith – in fact, many different faiths can be found within our school community.

We do expect that humility and openness to learn from our tradition be modelled just as our tradition thoughtfully recognises the diversity in our community.

We believe in the mind-body connection

Being active is important for a well-balanced life, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Physical activity develops positive lifestyle choices and creates cognitive pathways which enhance mental capability essential for optimal learning, critical thinking, and sound judgement.

Participation in a wide range of sports strengthens resilience and allows learners to tackle challenges together. Students form friendships, build confidence, and learn essential human traits such as humility, courage, and collaboration. For this reason, sport is compulsory at Caulfield Grammar School from Year 5 to 12.

‘Caulfield Grammar School always felt like home to me. I felt like it was where I was meant to be. It’s my favourite place to be. There was never any doubt in my mind. The learning environment within the school helped me to feel at home, facilitating growth and my progression as a person.’

Olivia (Class of 2016)

We encourage creative growth

We believe participation in the creative arts of music, theatre, visual arts and dance provide learners with a safe and supportive environment for self-expression, discovery, creative collaboration and reflective connection. Drawing on a rich variety of talent and resources from each of our campuses, Caulfield Grammar School offers a broad and inclusive curriculum of creative arts subjects and productions.

Engagement in the arts has immense learning benefits that enhance learners’ literacy, numeracy, communication, critical and creative thinking, social and personal capability and intercultural understanding.

We deliver student-led productions and concerts that contribute to the spirit of cooperation, self-expression and optimism within Caulfield Grammar School.

Our productions and ensembles are focused, fun and inclusive. Like in life, we all have a part of play. All contributions are valued and acknowledged.