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The School Council

The School Council has been the governing body since 1931, with responsibility for the overall management of our school vested in the Principal, Mr Ashleigh Martin.  Mr Martin is just the tenth head of Caulfield Grammar School.

The Principal leads the School Executive, which takes responsibility for the operations of the school, with responsibility for the day-to-day operations of each campus vested in the Heads of Campus.

One of the great benefits of a multi-campus school is the ability to draw on the rich variety of people and resources from each of our five campuses.

Our School Council.

Our Principal – Mr Ashleigh Martin

Mr Ashleigh Martin commenced as the tenth Principal of Caulfield Grammar School in December 2017.  Ashleigh joined Caulfield Grammar in January 2012 as Head of Middle School – Caulfield Campus, after six years in Singapore in an executive position as Head of Middle School at the Australian International School. In January 2015, Ashleigh was appointed Director of Teaching and Learning, a critically important role across the school.  In July 2016 he was then appointed as Vice-Principal.

Ashleigh has distinguished himself in this role and fully appreciates and understands the breadth of operations of Caulfield Grammar School.  His experience in both primary and secondary classrooms and his passionate belief in the value of coeducation are invaluable.

He is also a strong advocate of the relational element of teaching and the benefit to students that arise through strong connections.  Ashleigh has worked very closely with the School Council throughout his tenure as Vice Principal.

Ashleigh is married to Sarah and they have two daughters.

School Governance and Leadership structure.

School Executive

Ashleigh Martin
Dr Katherine Hoekman
Director of Teaching & Learning
Designing quality learning experiences and supporting quality teaching
Paul Runting
Deputy Principal – Head of Wheelers Hill Campus
Leadership of Wheelers Hill Campus
Jim Alexiades
Deputy Principal – Head of Caulfield Campus
Leadership of Caulfield Campus
Andrew Strooper
Head of Malvern Campus
Leadership of Malvern Campus

Tim O’Connor
Head of Yarra Junction Campus
Leadership of Yarra Junction Campus
Mike Gregory
Head of Nanjing Campus
Leadership of the Nanjing Campus

Michelle Wright
Chief Financial Officer
Financial Operations, Risk and Compliance and Major Capital Projects

Sue Sonego2






Sue Sonego
Director of Community Engagement
Fostering engagement with past, present & future students, families & stakeholders

Jayne Hart
Director of Human Resources
Attracting and retaining quality employees