The gift of opportunity is given to all students at Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School will make available a number of scholarships to new entry and currently enrolled students. Applications are open to Australian citizens and permanent residents only.

Scholarships are offered subject to satisfactory progress and achievement, as well as conditions of involvement pertaining to individual scholarships.

Applications for scholarships should be made by completing the appropriate application form, except in the case of Academic and Music Scholarships where the application is completed online.

Applications for entry in 2023 are now open

Information for parents / guardians / caregivers regarding scholarship applications

Please read the following documents before completing an application:

Terms and conditions (domestic students)

Privacy Policy

Secondary Scholarships

Primary Scholarships

Primary Scholarships are available to new entry and currently enrolled students to begin in Year 5

General Information

For all Scholarship enquiries please call or email the Scholarship Office.

(03) 9524 6107