Our ‘Values in Action’ series shines a light on how our Caulfield Grammar School employees live our School values.  

Lizzy Brooks, Physical Education teacher at Wheelers Hill Junior Campus, shares how the value of Thriving Together is so integral to her role.   

“I think many people knew I was going to be a Physical Education teacher before I did! All I knew when I finished school was that I wanted to work within the fitness and health arena – it’s what I live and breathe.  

One teacher in particular, Mr Peter Crawford, inspired me to be a Physical Education teacher. I truly do not think I would be as content with my career and life choices as I am today if he hadn’t always been in my corner, supporting me. Peter also introduced me to Touch Football and I went on to coach for an APS school and Touch Football Victoria throughout university. This is when I discovered how much I loved the engagement and relationships you can build with students and athletes of all ages.  

There’s an intrinsic motivation in me to plan fun, engaging and challenging sessions. I get the most fulfillment from students who are making progress and need that extra guidance and support to achieve their potential. If I can give someone that little bit more confidence, they need to take a risk and to accept that mistakes are a part of life, then my job is done. 

I value working in a team, be it in Sport or in teaching. I’ve learned that thriving together, and learning from one another, is vital. I often highlight to students that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, even teachers, and will point out areas that I am still gaining confidence in. Allowing students to know you are human too is extremely important.   

I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach cross-campus from ELC to Year 12.  

I worked in the Wheelers Hill Junior Campus for eight years and collaborated with Malvern Campus through APS and their Physical Education Department. I was also Head of Touch Football for seven years and the 1st Girls Touch Football coach for much of that time across Wheelers Hill and Caulfield campuses. I’ve worked in the Physical Education Department at Wheelers Hill Senior Campus and as a Year 7 Learning Mentor. 

Within my current role, I help to organise three major House Events. These always have an incredible community feel and allow students to give back to the School. I try to get involved in as many other different events across the School as I can because it’s important to show students that I too am willing to step outside my comfort zone and give back to our community. Students also love to show me their skills outside of the sporting field, and forming connections through these events is another way of Thriving Together.  

Watching students grow and thrive and developing strong connections with them during their entire School journey is a special feeling. I pinch myself most days that I get to work alongside so many amazing people and within such a special community.” 

Caufield Grammar School is a values-led school. Our five School Values guide the way we work together and behave. Active interaction with these values supports our students and staff in having clarity and ownership about what it means to be a member of the Caulfield Grammar School community – how we treat each other, and what we expect from each other.