Ashleigh Martin


Ashleigh is a strong advocate for values-based leadership and student-led learning. He passionately believes in enabling young people to develop beyond their academic achievements, finding their own individual pathways ready to create their own unwritten futures.

When asked what he loves about his role, Ashleigh doesn’t hesitate to say it’s the privilege of working with young people and helping make a difference in their lives. Every decision that is made can have a direct and lasting effect on students, and as Principal, Ashleigh understands the importance of striking the right balance between business performance and student welfare.

Joining the School in 2012 as the Caulfield Campus Head of Middle School, he was appointed to the role of Director of Teaching and Learning three years later, and in 2016 was appointed Vice Principal. In 2018, he was appointed the 10th Principal in the School’s 140-year history.

It was as a student at St Patrick’s College in Ballarat from 1988 to 1993, that education started to play an important role in shaping Ashleigh’s professional life. He was the benefactor of strong guidance and leadership, and observed first-hand the influence that such leadership at school has on a young person’s development.

Prior to commencing at Caulfield Grammar School, Ashleigh held an executive position as Head of Middle School at the Australian International School in Singapore for six years. Ashleigh commenced his teaching career at St Kevin’s College, and he openly acknowledges that he was an aspiring Principal from the day he started teaching.

Conscious that the future of education and the future needs of our School are ever changing, Ashleigh led the development of Strategy Plan 2019 – 2031, a reimagining of Caulfield Grammar School’s future. The plan is grounded in the School Values, retains its strong heritage while driving innovation, and remains focused on providing the best learning opportunities for all students. The wellbeing of all in the School community is at the cornerstone of this strategy.

Ashleigh passionately revisited the School Values, ensuring School community input and engagement. He is particularly proud that students led the development of their own set of behaviours for each Value and leads a school with five unique campuses united by common School Values and Behaviours. A School that knows who it is and what it values.

The egalitarian ethos of Caulfield Grammar is what Ashleigh believes distinguishes it from other schools. He is committed to ensuring that Caulfield Grammar School continues to be a leading co-educational school in Australia.