Pastoral Care | Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School believes that every student needs and deserves individual care. Children are provided with a strong network of support through a well developed structure of pastoral care, with the house system as its core.

Within the Junior School, the house system and buddy program complement the individual attention of classroom teachers and support staff.

In the Secondary School, each student is a member of a house, and each house is led by the Head of House (Year 10-12), Head of House (Year 7-9) and House Tutors who meet with students each morning. Additionally, teachers of Years 7 and 8 work in teams to ensure students have access to a close network of staff during these transitional years. A strong peer support program is also a feature.

Counsellors and Chaplains at each campus play an important role in activities within the school and provide specialist guidance in personal matters.