Yarra Junction Caulfield Campus
240 Tarrango Road, Yarra Junction,
Victoria, Australia

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More than any previous generation, our learners will need an understanding of the environment and their impact on it.

From their first visit in early junior school, history shows that many fond memories are formed at the Yarra Junction Campus. Whether it’s their first eye-to-eye encounter with their adopted calf, the triumph of beating a personal challenge on the ropes course, or the sheer joy of experiencing the Australian bush from a canoe, the Yarra Junction Campus is a place to remember.

Learners explore their
natural environment

At Yarra Junction Campus learners can explore their natural environment and are challenged to consider the effect of their actions and lifestyle on the world around them.

Education Outdoors

Where learners explore and learn to appreciate the riches of nature

Yarra Junction Campus is a place where students can explore their natural environment and are challenged to consider the effect of the actions and lifestyle upon it.

Students involve in the commercial activity of a dairy farm

Students’ involvement in the commercial dairy farm at Yarra Junction engages them in understanding how milk is produced and pasteurised and how this activity impacts on the environment.

Eco-Friendly accommodation for all Students

The learners’ accommodation in eco cabins and Wadambawilam (the Wurundjeri term for learning place), are practical examples of building design and technology which minimise our impact on the environment. These buildings use solar and wind power to meet their electricity and hot water needs.

A diverse range of hands-on learning experiences are offered at Yarra Junction.

From exploring the natural environment through Art, to scientific testing of water quality, to harvesting and preparing food from the vegetable garden, through to supporting the operations of the working dairy farm. Built into each encounter is the opportunity to reflect and ensure the learning is personalised and transferable for each learner. Experiential learning at Yarra Junction Campus encourages real-life decision making, fosters positive risk-taking, aids the development of resilience, enhances community awareness and helps learners clarify their values. The programs on offer at Yarra Junction Campus are unique and are likely to have a profound effect on each learner visiting – whether in the junior or secondary years.