We’re proud to share with you our 45 Scholars for 2019. Congratulations to the following students* who are placed in the top 2% of the state with ATARs of 98.00 or more:

Yunlin Bai 
William Bainbridge
Anthony Blaher
Madison Chong
Jayden Cooke
Lucy Deller
Alana Domingo
Maysen Duffy
Oscar Eden
Ellie Foran
Casey Izon
Hugh Jiang
Julius Jones
Emma Kiley
Danielle Kim
Bianka Kirkham
Marie-Angelique Lakoumentas
Jeff Li
Aditya Maitra
Henry Makmur

Johnathon Maniatis
Dana McDonald
Sofia Memed
Nethmi Nawarathna
Echo Ou
Lauren Pay
Natalie Pohl
Lillie Priede
Jackson Sandler
Anastasia Skondreas
Lachlan Tate
Julian Teh
Vivienne Tran
Isabel Tsintsiper
Emma Vanzyl
Alan Wang
Chloe Woodburn
Sunny Xu
Justin Zhang
Scarlett Zhang

*Five of our Scholars were not available to provide permission to publish their names. 

Congratulations to Hugh Jiang, our Dux for 2019. Hugh gained an ATAR of 99.90, placing him among the top 0.10% of graduates across Victoria.

Hugh commenced as a student of our School in Year 7, 2014. During this time he has embraced a number of opportunities available to him, and has been a positive contributor to our School in a range of areas. In Music, he was a member of the Chamber Choir, The Cadences and Boys Chorus. In Sport, he was a member of the 1st VIII Badminton Team (2017-2019) and participated in both Basketball and Table Tennis. Hugh was also an active member of Wilsmore House.