“There is no room for complacency when it comes to nurturing our learners to be mentally healthy and emotionally healthy. There is no health without mental health.”

Ashleigh Martin, Principal

Caulfield Grammar School Principal Ashleigh Martin with students

Being a ‘well being’ at Caulfield Grammar School

Wellbeing is much more than just the absence of illness. Being a ‘well being’ at Caulfield Grammar means:

  • Feeling good
  • Functioning well
  • Connecting and contributing meaningfully
  • Approaching learning and life with purpose and optimism
  • Adapting to and evolving from change and challenge

CaulfieldCARES – Our School-wide Approach

Our school-wide approach to wellbeing is articulated through CaulfieldCARES. This guiding framework supports a positive school climate and enables a thriving community. CaulfieldCARES moves beyond individual program offerings and practices and embraces the school environment as a vibrant ecosystem.

Through CaulfieldCARES, we support learners to:

CAPABILITIES: Build Capabilities (knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions) to enhance personal and collective wellbeing, now and into the future.

ATTITUDES: Develop and demonstrate Attitudes and behaviours that are caring and considered, and reflective of our School Values.

RELATIONSHIPS: Foster meaningful Relationships where a positive sense of self and belonging is realised and where students feel known, heard and valued.

EMPOWERMENT: Exercise voice, agency and leadership and be Empowered to actively participate in, take responsibility for, and contribute to the community.

SUPPORT: Access appropriate and effective Support and feel safe and secure through an integrated network of care that encompasses a strong partnership between home, school and community.

Wellbeing Across all Learning Experiences

We recognise the intrinsic link between wellbeing and learning. Wellbeing positively influences student learning outcomes, and success in learning enhances student wellbeing. Integrated into our quality lesson design is our Visible Wellbeing™ approach. Developed by Professor Lea Waters (PhD), Visible Wellbeing combines the science of wellbeing with the science of teaching and learning. By incorporating the practices of See, Hear and Feel we make wellbeing more visible and accessible in all learning spaces. Through utilising the SEARCH framework, we intentionally build the six pathways that lead to positive functioning.

Holistic Pastoral Care

At Caulfield Grammar School, pastoral care encompasses comprehensive support and guidance for students with a focus on overall wellbeing, personal development, growth and academic success.

While all staff contribute to pastoral care, our dedicated pastoral leaders possess additional expertise and responsibility in providing proactive, responsive and individualised care for each student. These leaders work collaboratively with staff, including Student Services, and actively engage parents and caregivers to maintain a strong integrated network of care. The provision of holistic pastoral care ensures that every student is known, supported and well-equipped for success throughout their educational journey.

Wheelers Hill students in the Colour Run 2022

Belonging to a House

Every student in our School belongs to a House, fostering tradition, pride, identity and connectedness. Our House system serves as the heart of our supportive and caring environment where genuine friendships can be formed, interests and passions pursued, and community spirit ignited. House groups come together regularly to connect, reflect, learn and play.


Caulfield Grammar has been an Anglican school since founded in 1881. Today, this tradition is observed through regular chapel services and informs some of our faith studies program, which also integrates the study of other religions.

We don’t expect that all students, families and staff share the Christian faith – in fact, many different faiths can be found within our School community and we welcome learners and their families from all faiths and beliefs. We do expect that humility and openness to learn from our tradition be modelled, just as our tradition thoughtfully recognises the diversity in our community.

A Values-led Culture

Our School Values reinforce what it means to be a member of Caulfield Grammar School. Our five School Values – Pursuing Excellence, Inspiring Creativity, Thriving Together, Embracing Diversity and Living Wholeheartedly – drive our attitudes, behaviours, decisions and perspectives, and bring purpose and meaning to learning.

Child Safety is our Priority

We have zero tolerance for child abuse.

We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every student in our community. We strive to create a culture of safety by embedding child safe practices throughout our School.

We expect every member of our community to actively observe and adhere to our comprehensive child safe policies, practices and codes of conduct. These protocols are regularly promoted and supported through ongoing education and training, with a strong focus on compliance with the Child Safe Standards and regulatory requirements. By doing so, we aim to provide a secure and inclusive learning environment where every child and young person can thrive.

To fulfil our commitment, we take proactive and responsive actions to safeguard every child in our care. We empower them by providing appropriate education, support and resources, ensuring their voices are heard and respected. Should any allegations or concerns arise, our School has well-established procedures in place to respond to them effectively and take the necessary actions.