Preparing young adults to follow their pathway

The senior years at Caulfield Grammar School are designed with a focus on personal development and academic performance, as well as preparing young adults for their chosen post-secondary destination.

The Years 10–12 study program aims to realise the potential of each individual by offering a diverse academic program, with 49 VCE subjects, and a range of broad and balanced co-curricular experiences.

Year 10 students can include in their course of study a range of VCE Units suited to their interests and abilities. This means that the VCE is spread over three years rather than two, enabling students to tailor their own individual learning journeys for these three critical senior years.


Our academic programs and innovative approaches to learning, tailored to each individual, are reflected each year in our VCE results, which consistently place Caulfield Grammar in the top Victorian schools. 

Our Senior School learning programs are designed to support individual needs in many ways including for example: 


Acknowledging the benefits of students being motivated and challenged in their academic studies, acceleration at Year 10 into a Unit 1/2 subject (Year 11) and at Year 11 into a Unit 3/4 subject (Year 12) is available for suitably qualified students. Selection for acceleration is confirmed after consultation between the Head of House, Learning Area Leader, students and parents.  

Learning Strategies Services

The Learning Strategies Department assists teachers to cater for the learning needs of individual students. Opportunities for remediation and support are provided so that students can maximise their potential in the academic environment. Assistance may be given in small group settings or in a one-on-one situation with teachers who are experienced in the field. Communication between teachers, students and parents plays an important role in the success of these programs. 

Community Service

Caulfield Grammar has a long tradition of community service. Our Community Service Program aims to instil a sense of responsibility, cultural awareness, connection and compassion. One of the ways serving others is recognised in the Senior School is the Caulfield Grammar School Certificate of Excellence which acknowledges students completing 20 hours or more of service. Year 10 students are encouraged to develop awareness of the needs in various communities, pursue a passion, and take action by undertaking community service on Monday afternoons.  

Work Experience

Undertaking Work Experience from Year 10 offers many valuable outcomes for students, improving their intellectual, social and vocational development to assist with their transition from school to the working life of the community. Students also gain assistance in making career choices, increase their understanding of employment opportunities, gain first-hand experience of the impact of change in the world of work, and develop an appreciation of the concept of lifelong learning. In Year 10, students undertake a week of Work Experience during term breaks.  

Careers Education

A large focus of our Careers Education Program for Years 10–12 students is to help identify their key skills, personal strengths, passions and interests – along with ongoing guidance as students embrace change and celebrate their success in being truly adaptable and independent lifelong learners. The Morrisby online vocational guidance tests in Year 10 allow our Careers Team to have conversations with students about their strengths, values, personality and work preferences, and also provides greater clarity and empowerment.  

The Careers Education Program also includes 1:1 student careers counselling appointments to develop an individualised career development plan; Careers Expo events with tertiary and further education institutions; Subject Selection Fairs to speak with heads of learning areas, alumni and Year 12 students about subject content and areas of interest; Parent Career Presentations by a Careers development expert; and our Career Industry Breakfasts, consisting of inspiring panel discussions from alumni across a diverse range of fields.    

VCE (Baccalaureate) 

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) awards the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Baccalaureate to students who have included a particular combination of subjects in their VCE program. The VCAA describes the VCE (Baccalaureate) as a means of recognising students who have chosen to study a VCE program which includes a higher level of mathematics (Mathematical Methods (CAS) and/or Specialist Mathematics) and a language. In addition, students must have received a study score of at least 30 for English/ Literature/English Language or at least 33 for English as an Additional Language. For students who qualify and successfully complete their VCE, the awarding of the VCE (Baccalaureate) is automatically noted by the VCAA on their Statement of VCE Results. While tertiary institutions do not offer a bonus or list the program as a pre-requisite for any particular course, students completing such a program of study have a wide range of courses available to them. 

VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) 

VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) is a vocational program developed in response to the needs of industry, which can be included with VCE studies in the calculation of the ATAR. These programs enable students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification, e.g. Certificate III in Screen and Media and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) at the same time. Students undertaking a VETiS program can articulate into designated post-school academic pathways (TAFE and university) as well as enhance their transition from school to work. Some students are able to undertake a VETiS study at Caulfield Grammar School as part of their VCE program.  

Read more about our integrated approach to the Secondary Learning Program. 

Co-Curricular Programs

Our co-curricular programs inspire and engage all students to find their pathway through exploring Sport, The Arts, cultural immersion and experiential learning, both globally and locally. 

High school student playing football


Regular physical activity is integral to academic success and personal wellbeing and our senior students are encouraged to commit to year-round physical activity. Years 10–11 students are required to participate in a minimum of two out of three seasons of APS Sport each year. Year 12 students must participate in a minimum of one season of competitive APS Sport (Spring, Summer or Winter). Students have access to highly credentialled specialist coaches to develop individual skills and capabilities for higher-level competition. 

High school students singing together on stage

The Arts

Whether it’s music, theatre, visual arts or dance, being involved in The Arts provides learners with a safe and supportive place for self-expression, discovery, creative collaboration and reflective connection. Drawing on a variety of specialist talent and resources from each of our campuses, Caulfield Grammar School offers a broad and inclusive curriculum of creative arts subjects and productions across all its campuses – accommodated in our exceptional Creative & Performing Arts Centres.  

High school students playing musical instruments together on stage


Every year our senior musicians are given remarkable opportunities to broaden their performance experience and promote themselves in the wider community. Highlights include:

  • Senior School stage production
  • Scholars’ Showcase Concert
  • Caulfield Grammar in Concert at Hamer Hall 
  • Autumn Jazz Concert 
  • ‘Generations in Jazz’ (GIJ) Festival in Mount Gambier 
  • Concert performances across Europe
High school students performing together at a recent theatre production

Performing Arts

There are many co-curricular opportunities for our Senior School students to experiment, challenge and confront themselves by moving out of their comfort zone – such as our annual Senior School stage productions, VCE Theatre Studies and Dance Productions, and Dance & Theatre Tour of London. 

High school students displaying their art at an exhibition

Visual Arts

In addition to our curriculum, we provide our Senior School students with a wide range of co-curricular offerings including:

  • Artist-in-residence programs that sit alongside and within Secondary year learning programs
  • Opportunities for students to explore their passions backstage – creating costumes, props and sets for theatrical productions
  • Local and international Art and Design tours
  • Participation in exhibitions such as the annual VCE Art & Design Graduate Exhibition
  • A student-led Visual Arts Committee that runs activities to enhance our community

Cultural Immersion & Global Mindedness

Each year our Secondary students can experience a range of domestic and international tours and experiences across Music, Sport, Theatre, language immersion, career opportunities, STEM, along with the programs below that are core to a Caulfield Grammar education. These experiences foster a strong sense of community, cultural awareness and responsibility – a desire to make a difference to the world around them.

High school student exploring the ropes course as part of the education outdoors program in Yarra Junction

Yarra Junction – Education Outdoors

Years 9, 10 and 11 students can elect to return to our Yarra Junction Campus (YJ) as Student Leaders, immersing themselves further in the Education Outdoors program and assisting, guiding and mentoring younger students participating in the program.

High school students exploring the outdoors during the Odyssey Program

Odyssey Program

This Year 10 program provides a challenging range of semi-remote, natural world experiences to assist students in their personal and social development – with a learning focus on accepting challenge, community action and environmental appreciation. Six-day programs include rock-climbing in The Grampians, bicycle touring around the Ovens Valley, cross-country skiing on the Bogong High Plains, bushwalking and white-water rafting on the Mitchell River, and canoeing on the Murray River.  

Senior School Life