A thriving learning environment

We support our learners to feel empowered, deeply engaged and encouraged to become people of strong character and meaningful contribution.

Caulfield Grammar School is highly regarded for offering a thriving community that supports our learners to feel empowered, deeply engaged and encouraged to become people of strong character and meaningful contribution.

Informed by current research and innovative practice, our comprehensive program supports learners to broaden their perspectives, take risks and creatively realise their aspirations for the future as confident lifelong learners.

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable educators draw upon a world of current and emerging expertise.

As lifelong learners themselves, they undertake weekly professional development with a focus on evidence-based, quality teaching and learning.

Few schools can match the range of ways in which Caulfield Grammar School provides quality teaching and quality learning. Our extensive professional development program and specialist teachers’ approach, mean that our teachers continue to build on their knowledge of how learners best learn and how teachers best teach and learn.

VCE subjects from Year 10

  • Learners begin studying VCE subjects in Year 10 and particular emphasis is given to helping learners focus on preparation for entry to the tertiary course or career of their choice.
  • Year 10 learners at Caulfield Grammar are able to customise their course of study and include a range of VCE units suited to their interests and abilities. This means the VCE is spread over three years rather than two, enabling learners to tailor their own individual learning pathways for these three critical senior years.
  • It also means learners in Year 10 can sample the wider range of the academic and other learning programs that Caulfield Grammar offers. It will also allow a more comprehensive induction into VCE Units 3 and 4, which determine learners’ ATAR scores and therefore their pathway to tertiary studies and career choices.

We provide curriculum to prepare learners for life

Caulfield Grammar School is committed to providing authentic learning experiences that optimise our learner’s development as a whole person.

Learners can explore new skills, concepts and relationships while developing a sense of self-efficacy and independence. Developmentally appropriate learning opportunities are provided so that all learners develop:

  • Respect and reflection
  • Confidence and curiosity
  • Courage and deep personal conviction
  • Compassion and concern

This is designed to enable them to embrace their future as young people who are:

  • Tolerant, knowledgeable and broadminded about world affairs
  • Prepared to contribute, give back
  • Capable of making the most of the moment
  • Embody energy, enterprise and collaboration
  • Laugh, have fun, celebrate and express themselves
  • Thrive in a changing world

These are skills for life.

We ensure quality teaching for quality learning

We emphasise an experiential approach to learning.

The Australian Curriculum content, breadth and resources of the learning program are reviewed annually so that learning is responsive to the changing nature of society.

A distinguishing feature of Caulfield Grammar Schools approach to quality teaching is to provide weekly, strategic professional development for all teaching staff. Why do we do this? Because research indicates that the biggest influence on your child’s learning outcomes is the quality of the teacher and their teaching practice.

We foster social enterprise, curiosity and dynamic collaboration

Our lessons are designed to stimulate student engagement through active and challenging learning that inspires curiosity.

Our learners are investigating new ideas, exploring their place in the community, developing practical skills and applying what they are learning to projects they feel really excited about.

Our learners are confident innovators, using creativity and logic, and learning from a healthy dose of project failure and mistakes.

Our learners take full responsibility of what they are learning as they discover new pathways to progress in studies and life.

Our learners lend their voices to conversations that matter, to causes and calls for skills that impact across the world. They are charged with independence and self-reflection.