Early Learning

At the heart of our early years teaching and learning program is the belief that children are capable, knowledgeable and lifelong learners.

When children play, they are exploring their knowledge and understanding of the world. Caulfield Grammar’s Early Learning Centres at the Wheelers Hill and Malvern Campuses have been designed with this in mind, creating captivating environments that are tailored to engage curious young learners. 

We foster a love of learning and a desire to know more

Our unique early learning program has been inspired by a variety of educational theories and innovative practices such as the Reggio Emilia Educational Project and Nature Pedagogy.

Play allows children to engage their hands, eyes, ears and heart while exploring and developing their creativity and imagination.

Our 3-year old kindergarten and 4-year old kindergarten (pre-prep) programs provide children with opportunities to explore the world around them. By taking an individual approach that builds on each child’s strengths and interests, our youngest learners are given the encouragement needed to succeed both personally and academically.

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable educators draw upon a world of current and emerging expertise. As lifelong learners themselves, they undertake weekly professional development with a focus on evidence-based, quality teaching and learning.

We are authorised to deliver the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme

The educational program at Caulfield Grammar School reflects the practices, principles and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework is used alongside the Primary Years Programme (IB).

We harness children’s motivation and engagement by integrating their ideas and interests into the program. Our educators initiate open-ended activities with no prescribed outcomes (known as provocation), in order to stimulate ideas, initiative, and imagination. 

Caulfield Grammar School’s learning program immerses children and staff ‘in the moment’. They have time to play, listen, wonder, and engage with indoor and outdoor environments, while developing their social, emotional, physical and language skills.

Our learners and educators enjoy reflecting and sharing new discoveries and insights. Inspired by the practices of the Reggio Emilia educational project, children are encouraged and supported to share their knowledge and understanding using a wide variety of ‘languages’, such as words, movement, drama and music, drawing, painting, wire, clay, sculpture, collage and block building.

We teach children ‘how to learn’, not ‘what to learn’, as they develop resilience, competence and connectivity. This outstanding program offers an education that is:

  • Broad and balanced, conceptual and connected
  • International, with Chinese language sessions commencing in Pre-Prep
  • Transdisciplinary
  • Concept-driven and inquiry-based, putting the learner at the centre
  • Holistic in nature, focusing on the whole person

We provide a daily program infused with specialist sessions

Specialist early learning classes include:

  • Physical education, including the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) and the development of fundamental motor skills
  • Library, introducing library procedures and storytelling
  • Music
  • Mandarin Chinese (Pre-Prep)
  • Swimming (Pre-Prep)

Children actively participate in special events such as assemblies, sports days, book week celebrations, and Reconciliation week.

We have a Reggio Emilia-inspired interactive environment

Our Malvern and Wheelers Hill campuses provide a safe and nurturing environment, allowing children to grow confidently, at their own pace.

We create a natural transition to the Primary Life Program

The Primary Program is designed for children aged 3–12 years.

Children move easily into the Primary Life program with the educators from the Early Life and the Primary Life programs working collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition.

Our kindergarten students are also given weekly opportunities to interact with the prep students. This enables them to learn from their peers and supports an easy transition into primary school. 

Malvern Campus offers:

  • Kindergarten for children from 3 years of age, three to five days a week. From 2024, Kindergarten will be offered 5 days a week.
  • Pre-Preparatory Year for children from 4 years of age.
  • Prep through to Year 6. Children then join Caulfield Campus for Year 7 to 12.

Wheelers Hill Campus offers:

  • Kindergarten for children from 3 years of age, five days a week.
  • Pre-Preparatory Year for children from 4 years of age.
  • Prep through to Year 12.

We are a connected community

At Caulfield Grammar School, we embrace diversity and provide a friendly, supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

The Early Learning Centre is a valued and integral part of the Caulfield Grammar School Community.

Our school is a collaborative space where children, staff and families can engage in respectful interactions and develop meaningful relationships, share information and ideas, and make valuable contributions to their own and others’ lives.

The Wheelers Hill and Malvern Campuses are situated in beautiful parts of Melbourne.

Our children at the Wheelers Hill Campus make regular trips to Jells Park and our Malvern Campus children make regular trips into the community, visiting nearby Central Park. Here they explore the environment and develop a connection with nature.

We provide an out of hours school program

The daily program at Caulfield Grammar School is supported by engaging Before and After School experiences and a Holiday Program which combine learning with fun.