Junior School students at Malvern Campus with teacher doing STEM activities 2022

We prepare learners for life

Our learners engage with a rigorous learning program to prepare them for whatever the future brings.

Caulfield Grammar School is highly regarded for offering a thriving learning environment that supports our learners to feel empowered, deeply engaged and encouraged to become people of character and contribution.

We have a passionate vision for innovation in education, with a globally-focused curriculum that prepares students with skills for life.

We have a passionate vision for innovation in education. Offering state-of-the art technology and learning facilities.

Our campuses offer a modern and flexible learning environment with state-of-the art technology and world-class facilities. We foster a teaching team invested in improving their knowledge so that they can anticipate and plan for emerging skills and careers. Our curriculum is constantly adapting to suit today’s world. 

Caulfield Grammar School has always looked to leading schools around the world, actively seeking out examples of best-practice and innovation in education from which the school can learn. 

We evolve and adapt to empower our learners. 

We enable quality learning every day, in every experience for every learner

Caulfield Grammar School’s teaching and learning differences:

  • Co-education that reflects life: We focus on academic and social needs, regardless of gender.
  • Mind for Life learning: We provide a curriculum that allows learners to engage academically whilst also exploring new skills, concepts and relationships, helping to develop a sense of self-efficacy and independence.
  • IB World School: We are an authorised school to deliver The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP).
  • Experiential Learning: We offer immersive learning through real-world experiences, with outdoor education and sustainability programs at our Yarra Junction campus, and cultural immersion for Year 9 students as part of our Remote Expeditions – Kakadu Year 9 Program in the Northern Territory.
  • Learning and Community Projects in Year 9: Students are prepared for VCE by taking control over their learning and skills development based on an interest or passion that appeals to them.
  • Learning Mentor for Years 7 and 8: Quality teaching focused on academic and pastoral care.
  • Focused Learning Framework: Research-based approach to teaching ensures all educators at Caulfield Grammar School teach in a consistent and contemporary manner. 
  • Tailored Learning in Senior Years: Year 10 students can choose a range of VCE units to suit their interests and abilities, with the option to spread VCE over three years rather than two. This allows students to tailor their own individual learning journeys, helping prepare them for entry to the tertiary course or career of their choice. 
  • Global Connections and Culture: We equip learners to engage with and in the real world, developing a long-term interest in language, culture and world views.

We equip our students with the skills for life.

Caulfield Grammar School students are:

  • Respectful and reflective
  • Confident and courageous
  • Curious and enterprising
  • Tolerant, knowledgeable and broadminded about world affairs
  • Compassionate and compelled to give back
  • Energetic and expressive
  • Ready to thrive in a changing world

Our Learning Programs

Learning programs are designed for each learner’s developmental stage. For example, the Reggio Emilia philosophy is drawn upon at kindergarten and pre-preparatory level, where Year 7 learners undertake an extensive orientation program that includes developing study skills and an investigation of each individual’s learning preferences.

At Year 7 and Year 8, the broad core-curriculum further seeks to ensure a strong foundation for success in the senior years. The Learning Journeys at Year 9 level engage learners in a holistic, experiential approach that is designed to engage with real-world learning experiences. Learners may begin their studies for the Victorian Certificate of Education in Year 10.

Caulfield Campus Senior School students in classroom

Caulfield Grammar School has always looked beyond Australia to similar schools around the world.

We actively seek out examples of international best-practice and innovation in education from which the school can learn. We evolve and adapt to empower our learners.

We foster enterprise energy and collaboration

Our lessons are designed to stimulate student engagement through active and challenging learning.

  • Our learners are investigating new ideas, exploring their place in the community, developing practical skills and applying what they are learning to projects they are inspired by.
  • Our learners are confident innovators, using creativity and logic, and learning from a healthy dose of project failure and mistakes.
  • Our learners take full responsibility for what they are learning as they discover new pathways to progress in studies and life.
  • Our learners lend their voices to conversations that matter, to causes and calls for skills that impact across the world.

We capture attention and build yearning to learn

Success is seen through the sense of ownership our learners take.

Our learners absorb moments that form their education so that they continue to become lifelong learners. Our school does not just focus on successes, we also value the lessons that come with making mistakes.

For our learners, mistakes are an opportunity to take stock, overcome frustrations and re-focus for success. This helps them contextualise their learnings through relatable experiences.

We are an engaged and active contributing community

We maintain a commitment to collaborative partnerships and community contribution.

It is the connections we make as a school community that help nurture children to become adults who can realise their full potential.

Our teaching teams are passionate, hard-working, brilliant and focused individuals who are committed to our learners.

We are committed to maintaining pace with the world our learners live in today and the world they will work in tomorrow.

World-class teaching faculty.

Guided by world-class teaching faculty, our learners learn to make their own unique way in the world, valuing authenticity while thinking audaciously.

Every learning day provides our learners with support to encourage their intellectual curiosity, problem solve with confidence, achieve compassionate perspectives and become independent contributors in an ever-changing world.

We know that children learn best when they feel secure about themselves and know they are engaged in their school and community.

We foster global friendships

We are a school that equips our learners to engage with the global community.

As the learning landscape alters, we support our learners in making confident connections, building their personal and social competences and inter-cultural understanding. Cultural immersion provides an unparalleled learning experience of different cultural practices, social mores and traditions while providing a context for learners to appreciate and reflect on their own way of life.

Our learners use what they discover in the real world, they exchange ideas, express themselves and communicate with confidence. Our learners are challenged personally through being exposed to the unfamiliar and needing to adapt to a different way of living within a diverse cultural context. Our learners became more astute in interpreting cultural diplomacy and international issues through language and culture immersion studies. Our learners foster long-term interest in language, culture and worldviews.

We are always learning to provide an exceptional education

Few schools can match the range of ways in which Caulfield Grammar School provides quality teaching and learning.

We set high expectations for our educators and learners with challenging programs that include leadership development and an international perspective. Informed by eminent education theories and innovative practice, our acclaimed program supports learners to broaden their perspectives, take risks and reach their individual potential.

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable educators draw upon a world of current and emerging expertise. As lifelong learners, they undertake weekly professional development with a focus on evidence-based, quality teaching and learning.

Our extensive professional development program and specialist teachers approach, ensure our teachers understand how children best learn and how educators can best teach them.

Committed to professional development

We set high expectations for our educators and learners with challenging programs that include leadership development and an international perspective.

We foster a teaching team invested in improving their knowledge so they can anticipate and plan for emerging skills and careers.