Today our VCE Class of 2021 receives their ATAR results.

As we celebrated 40 years of being a co-educational school, our students’ resolve was tested again in 2021. We can’t mask what a monumental challenge these last two years have been. Young people are designed for community, connection and companionship. Our Class of 2021 is admired for accepting the uncontrollables, staying motivated and staying connected. We simply couldn’t be prouder as they continued their studies across 56 VCE subjects.

Celebrating 2021 shares a snapshot of how our students across the School have thrived together through extensive broad and balanced experiences – some familiar and many adapted. And they were enveloped by the exceptional support and care of their teachers, families and each other – in fact, our entire School community.

Congratulations to our School Duces, Eric He (Wheelers Hill Campus) and Victor Hong (Caulfield Campus) – who achieved an impressive ATAR of 99.85. This is a wonderful accomplishment as only 70 students out of 45,000 achieved this ranking.

We are immensely proud. Congratulations!

Ashleigh Martin