On Thursday 16 December, we celebrated our Class of 2021 – their academic achievements along with their broad and balanced experiences and contribution. 

Today I’m proud to share our 27 Scholars. Congratulations to the following students who are placed in the top 2% of the state with an ATAR of 98.00 or more: 

Ramona Bhattacharya
Maggie Cao
Lucinda Clifford
Grace Cregan
Jiaxin Gong 
Eric He
Victor Hong 
Natalia Hrysikos 
Jack Hutton     
Makar Kiselnikov
Lucy Lau 
Angelina Leung
Gabriella Lidgerwood
Nathan Liu

Lachlan Macphee
Paige Marinos 
Edward Qu 
Jiakai Qu
Weijian Situ 
Samuel Sutherland
Linus Talacko
Alexander Theodore 
Jingyi Wang     
Jessie Wu 
Jinghan Yu
Chenxiao Zhou
Max Zhuang

Congratulations to our School Duces, Eric He (Wheelers Hill Campus) and Victor Hong (Caulfield Campus), who each achieved an impressive ATAR of 99.85. This is a wonderful accomplishment as only around 70 students of 45,000 achieved this ranking.

Eric He’s academic achievements at Caulfield Grammar have been extensive. This year he was awarded both the ADF (Australian Defence Force) Future Innovators Award and The School Prize for Mathematics. Eric made a vast contribution to our Mathematics and Science programs, participating in the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Olympiads. He received Triple Colours for Academic excellence across all subjects, including Outstanding Academic Achievement awards in Physics, Specialist Mathematics and English. Eric also received Double Colours for his involvement in All That Jazz, the Wind Ensemble and the Saxophone ensemble over many years. 

Victor Hong joined Caulfield Grammar School in 2019 and was awarded Academic Colours and the School Prize for Mathematics in Year 12. He was the recipient of an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics and gained a Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Victor is a natural leader and was appointed International Co-Captain and Mathematics Captain in 2021. He was actively involved in Sport, competing in Badminton at Open level and choosing this sport in Summer and Winter in his final year.  

Thank you to the village that is our entire School community – nurturing our students to do and be their best throughout the monumental challenge of these past two years. We wish our Class of 2021 every happiness and success as they venture beyond the gates of Caulfield Grammar School. 

Ashleigh Martin