Over 700 Prep to Year 12 students captivated a sell-out School community audience.  

Music plays an intrinsic role in our School and enriches the lives of our students in many ways.  

Showcasing the dedication, passion and skill of over 700 students from Prep to Year 12 across our three metropolitan campuses, the Caulfield Grammar in Concert at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, captivated and delighted a sold-out auditorium. 

Sharon Meehan, School Head of Music, said of the concert: 

“Tonight’s concert powerfully demonstrated the positive impact music has when students work together, connect cross-campus and form friendships with students from different year levels, as well as the positive impact on their own personal wellbeing. Nowhere else in our School does a Grade 1 student get to work alongside a Year 12 student – sitting in the same rehearsal, inspiring each other, and forming that special bond.  

Our students performing tonight do not know what their future holds, what pathways they will take, what career they will choose – however their involvement in Music will have an immeasurable capacity and potency to continue to act on their heart, mind and spirit. Their experience in Music and on stage tonight, will remain with them always and shapes the person they become.  

Our last concert in Hamer Hall was in 2019 and what an extraordinary journey we have all taken since then. One student remarked to me recently that they felt our School Concert was leading us out of the darkness, and with a sold-out auditorium tonight, we celebrate the talents and achievements of our students and commend them for making the most of every opportunity our School has to offer.”