“As much as I feel immense sadness in leaving what has been a ‘second home’ for six years, it is the memories that will remain forever in my heart, that console me, knowing I can ‘take a trip down memory lane’ whenever I wish, by perusing the magical pages of The Grammarian.” 

Our student editorial committee has kickstarted planning for The Grammarian 2023. First port of call for the Wheelers Hill Campus student cohort meeting was reflecting on the 344-page bumper edition (the biggest in our School’s history!) that was The Grammarian 2022 publication. 

The Grammarian yearbook is a key student publication for Caulfield Grammar School with historical significance. It captures the moments in time (the years that were) for all Caulfield Grammar students to treasure and look back upon.  

Each year, a Publications Committee of Secondary student representatives from Wheelers Hill and Caulfield campuses works with the School Publications Editor to capture these moments in a single snapshot. The Grammarian is brought to life each year by these writers, photographers and editors. 

In 2022, three student Co-Editors (Ella Desouza, Wesley Chen and Josephine Mann) drove the student committee and activated students across all campuses to produce stories, photos and ‘memories’ of the year. 

Here are their reflections from The Grammarian 2022:  

Student Co-Editor – Ella Desouza (Class of 2022, Wheelers Hill Campus) 

“The best art is about individualism, free self-expression, and realising a unique, imaginative perspective.” 

Echoing these words of Oscar Wilde, our Caulfield ‘Grammarian’ is a work of art in itself. The Grammarian preserves those treasured, precious school memories, and truly illuminates the galvanising Caulfield Grammar spirit our School imbues in all of us.  

On the cusp of graduating from Year 12, I have been overwhelmed by many mixed emotions as I prepare to leave. As much as I feel immense sadness in leaving what has been a ‘second home’ for six years, it is the memories that will remain forever in my heart, that console me, knowing I can ‘take a trip down memory lane’ whenever I wish, by perusing the magical pages of The Grammarian. It has been a wonderful pleasure to have been part of the very special publications committee since Year 8, and a great honour now to have helped lead it, alongside Wesley, Josephine and, of course, Ms Harper, in my final year. I look forward to continuing to read The Grammarian. This legacy will continue to operate and preserve the tears, laughter and smiles of our fellow Grammarians. 

Student Co-Editor – Wesley Chen (2022 Year 11, Wheelers Hill Campus) 

The moment a person becomes a Caulfield Grammarian is the moment they begin a journey to fulfil a purpose. That journey will be different for every individual, but the essence is the same – to make an impact on those around them. No matter if it is in the final sentimental days of high school, or at the beginning of the mysterious preparatory year, Caulfield Grammar students embark on this noble pursuit every single day. 

The profound part about being a member of this community is that no matter where you may find yourself, the same people are there. They are there to celebrate the wins and triumphs and, after the losses, they are still there to help carry the label of ‘runners-up’ with pride. Under the beating sun, long after the 3.20pm bell, they are there on the training grounds. On the 5.00am bus to the Saturday game, they are there. They are there because of the genuine solicitude they have towards the team, and because you were there too. 

At times, these events would seem like a never-ending burden, and at other times we may even question whether it is worth the sacrifices. Only as the year draws to a close are we reminded that these experiences were gifts. Valedictorians do not depart the School remembering so much ‘what’ happened; they leave reminiscing about ‘who’ was by their side at each milestone. At that exact moment, the noble purpose they sought to achieve had already been fulfilled. 

Student Co-Editor – Josephine Mann (Class of 2022, Caulfield Campus) 

In the Caulfield Grammar community, it is the students  who breathe life into the School. Their laughter and chatter fills the hallways, their excitement brims from classrooms, and their curiosity is endless. From a student’s perspective, school life is filled with colours but accompanied by both light and shade. 

Tasked with the impossible, The Grammarian strives to encapsulate the wonders and growth of a year in our School community. We collect articles from all areas of the School, receiving reflections from students both young and old. Ultimately, we aim to evoke the memories of students who can look back on the highlights of 2022 with fondness and pride. However, this also affords us the rare opportunity of insight into the lives of students different from us. While we are one community, our School is spread across the country, and we are home to students with many different backgrounds and talents. Our diversity is what makes us unique and whole. We hope readers of the The Grammarian can feel pride and amazement while reading, not only for their own achievements but also for students and staff they may never even have met. 

As an editor, I’ve come to realise the School is much larger than its current students and staff. The Grammarian connects the dots between past students, parents and more. While this year is just one of many in our long history, every year that we progress, come together and learn is one to be celebrated.