Szuen Lim, Learning Area Leader of Commerce – Wheelers Hill Secondary, was pivotal in launching an entrepreneurship program for Year 9s early in 2022 with the aim of nurturing the talent, creativity and ambition of our students. Since its inception, the program has shown incredible results in fostering an inquiry mindset and encouraging our students to find innovative solutions to real world problems.


Year 11 students Olga, Annie and Dean (above left) were thrilled to be awarded the 2023 Teens in Business Teenpreneur Award – Runner Up run by Young Change Agents against other passionate teenpreneurs from around Australia. Earlier in 2023, Bloom received a Protostars micro grant from Blackbird, providing the trio with exclusive access to funding, learning and networking opportunities.

Bloom was conceived in 2022 during the six-week Year 9 Entrepreneurship Program at Wheelers Hill Campus, which brings students together in diverse groups to develop start-up proposals culminating in a pitch event with a panel of industry experts. The trio founded Bloom in direct response to the lack of options on existing job platforms for the younger demographic and the struggles faced by teenagers in securing their first job opportunities.

In 2022 Bloom won the Major Prize Award at the Upschool InterSchool Pitch Competition – Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship. The judges were impressed by the team’s passion, clear vision and entrepreneurial thinking and have since supported them in developing their business idea. 


Year 10 students Kathy, Emily, Hue and Richard (above right) founded heLM during their participation in the Year 9 Entrepreneurship Program and were awarded the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship 2023 Runner Up – People’s Choice Award at the Upschool InterSchool Pitch Competition. The judges and audience were excited to hear about their business heLM, which leverages AI and robotics to address challenges in the world of medicine. This year they will attend an exclusive tour of the Melbourne Entrepreneurship Centre, meet resident entrepreneurs and continue to develop heLM.