Notice about fees

It is recommended that the relevant Tuition Fees and Business Notice are also downloaded and fully understood.

Tuition fees and Business Notice:

Enrolment Instructions

To create an enrolment application, please click the button below and follow the steps:

Upon acceptance of placement, payment of the requested fees is to be made within the required timeframe.

All approved Overseas Representatives have a signed agreement with Caulfield Grammar School to promote the school and to provide prospective parents with promotional material (including prospectus, fees, subject choices and accommodation options). The Overseas Representatives provide an introduction to the school and ongoing assistance with the application procedure.

Please refer to the list of our authorised educational agents on this website.

If a vacancy exists for the relevant year level that the student is applying for, the student will be encouraged to undertake an Australian Educational Assessment Service (AEAS) test.

All costs associated with the AEAS testing are to be paid by the family/ student. Please refer to the AEAS website for indicative costing and description of testing.

AEAS is the only recognised testing procedure for Caulfield Grammar School for students currently studying overseas. The AEAS test examines Mathematics, General Knowledge and English capability (verbal, written, grammar and comprehension) and involves a personal interview.

The education agent or AEAS will advise the family and student of what to bring to the testing procedure.

An English preparation course – English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) – may be recommended for completion prior to the commencement at the school. Any requests for ELICOS to be undertaken will be a condition of the Offer of Enrolment.

An application to our school and encouragement to undertake the AEAS test does not imply that Caulfield Grammar School will make an Offer of Enrolment.

For more information, visit the AEAS website:

Offer of Enrolment

An Offer of Enrolment may be made by the school subject to a place being available at the Year level required after assessment of; the AEAS test result, the length of English preparation required, the age and the student’s current school report.

If an Offer of Enrolment is made, the following fees are requested:

  • Application fee (non refundable)
  • Confirmation of an Offer of Enrolment (non refundable)
  • 50% of Tuition fees
  • 50% of Boarding fees
  • Boarder’s deposit

To accept an Offer of Enrolment, the requested fees must be paid prior to the nominated date (normally 30 days from issue). Once fees are paid, an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) and Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW) are issued, which are required for application to the Australian Government for a student visa.

Caregiver and Homestay details will need to be finalised by the family with ISA Guardianship and AHN Homestay as appropriate.

Tuition and Boarding Fees

Fees for Overseas Students and Permanent Resident/Citizen Students can be found above.

Tuition fees include all camps and excursions, excluding the international programs available in Year 9 where an additional charge is either made for the Melbourne based program or the Nanjing based program.

Compulsory school uniform and textbooks/stationary are an additional cost to parents. Information on these are provided in the orientation packages for new students prior to commencement.

A boarder’s deposit is payable in advance to the school, against cash to be paid by the school to boarders during a term for any personal out of pocket expenses. School fees are payable in two instalments, in April and October.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is arranged and provided by the school, with costs included in the additional fees for overseas students – please refer to Tuition Fees for Overseas Students for further details. Medical insurance is currently provided by Medibank Private.

Medibank Private

As an overseas student, included in your fees is a sum to cover payment of your private health insurance. The school will arrange regular payment of your health insurance coverage. You will receive a membership card from Medibank Private, and if you need medical treatment, you should produce this card.

For more information, visit the Medibank website: